Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy issued this statement on completion of the third, and we hope final, special session of the Texas Legislature:

  “They didn’t quite stay until Halloween, but after 10 months and more than 220 days in session, Texas lawmakers left working families in a scarier place.” 

  “The biggest immediate problems this Legislature could have addressed effectively included lack of access to health care (worst in the nation), an energy grid that failed us at the most critical moment, and a pandemic that has killed nearly 70,000 Texans to date.”

The Texas AFL-CIO is delighted to welcome Madison White as our new Digital Organizer. White, who came to the state labor federation after working at Democracy for America, will oversee social media and other aspects of our communications program.
As the Texas Legislature considers how to allocate funds provided through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (“ARPA”) of 2021, Texas labor unions believe workers must take priority.
Weekly Labor Update on the 87th Texas Legislature Third Special Session, Day 12.
Statement from Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy on the newly released proposed redistricting of the Texas House.
The Texas AFL-CIO today denounced a proposed congressional map that shortchanges persons of color who dominated Texas growth in the last 10 years.
Texas AFL-CIO Labor Legislative Update - Special Session Edition
Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy's statement on the move by the Texas Secretary of State’s office to audit the 2020 election results in 4 counties after a request from Donald Trump.
The Texas AFL-CIO today blasted Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick for deploying ‘Great Replacement” rhetoric in his claim on Fox News that Democrats are supporting an “invasion” of the country by immigrants for political purposes.
Texas AFL-CIO Labor Legislative Update - Special Session Edition