Texas AFL-CIO: We Are Heartened by Disaster Declaration; Action to Help Working Families Must Follow

Following Gov. Greg Abbott's Disaster Declaration, Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy today issued this statement on behalf of the state labor federation:

We are heartened that Gov. Greg Abbott has listened to medical experts and taken the necessary step of proclaiming a health-related disaster for the entire State of Texas.

But the Governor's advice that Texans "work from home" falls short of addressing the crisis facing working people in this state. We need the Governor to listen to the voices of working people who make our state run and drive our economy. Working people need access to paid sick leave. No worker should have to choose between staying home to get care and keep our community safe and going to work sick to pay their bills.

In addition, millions of workers simply cannot, as the governor suggests, work from home, and many will lose their jobs. To keep Texans safe, Texas must address the financial crisis faced by these workers, including immediately expanding access to Unemployment Insurance benefits.